This is How I Am Adjusting…

this is how I am adjusting

It is just over a month since beginning my new job and I have not had much of a chance to breath much less write… First things first… I like my new job…it is routine enough that I can learn to be really good at it, and it is different enough everyday that it isn’t at all boring… I am not adjusting well to the new routine…up at six and out the door at 6:30 I drive a little over a hour to work and back…after all that driving and a very full day of interaction with people, this introvert arrives home EXHAUSTED and ready to crash…there has also been a lot of snow, and ice resulting in more slow, and semi-dangerous drives home than I would like to remember. As much as I long to get things done in the evenings…mostly I come home, take a shower, and think about blogging, writing a card, reading, or being creative, all the while I am still sitting on the couch and just can’t get up… Every week I get a little bit better at incorporating something else… 9:30 is my ‘ideal’ bedtime and tonight I am seriously struggling to stay up …Read more

Hey You! ENOUGH Talking About the Weather…


If I have to hear or participate in ONE MORE conversation regarding what the weather might or might not do…I am going to poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick… I just realized that this is only hurting myself so let me change that… If I have to hear or participate in ONE MORE conversation regarding what the weather might or might not do…I am going to poke YOU in the eye with a sharp stick… You see, you speculators…you over-thinkers…you anticipators…YOU…you RUINED my weekend…try as I might to just enjoy the snow when and IF it came I could not escape the speculation of; – schools being closed – work being cancelled – temperatures of -30 degrees with the windchill – doors on the car being SO frozen shut that no amount of warm water could melt it – cars refusing to start – schools being cancelled two days in advance – butts literally being frozen off It was inescapable…at home, on-line, on TV, the workers at the grocery store…the fact that there was NO bread or eggs in the entire town… Can I make a suggestion? Hows about you not worry until there is something to …Read more

New Year…Same Me…


This sums up my desire for the next 365 days… Thanksgiving in EVERY circumstance Freely giving Grace because it continues to be so freely given to me Living joyfully, authentically, because that is the only way Happy New Year! There is a great guest post coming on Friday so stay tuned… I will be back on Monday to start the new year off strong with this living Carelessly in the Care of God journey we are on together… Carelessly, April

#10 Days Without…Day One


In response to a challenge by the author or the book 10 Days Without which is being released tomorrow… I will be going the next ten days without a coat gloves scarfs heat in my car and will only be wearing flip-flops and short sleeved shirts… I will post some facts about the cold and it’s effect on children the homeless and the elderly Please join me for this journey…and follow me here, and on twitter…I have printed 2×3 cards of this picture to hand out to people who ask me why I don’t have on a coat or are wearing flip-flops…wish me luck… Carelessly April