“I Have Been Changed for Good…”


I’ve been listening to the Wicked soundtrack…one song in particular has been speaking healing to a sensitive and wounded part of my heart…listen to the song here…or read the words below… I’ve heard it saidThat people come into our lives for a reasonBringing something we must learn And we are ledTo those who help us most to growIf we let themAnd we help them in return Well, I don’t know if I believe that’s trueBut I know I’m who I am todayBecause I knew you… Like a comet pulled from orbitAs it passes a sunLike a stream that meets a boulderHalfway through the wood Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better?But because I knew youI have been changed for goodIt well may beThat we will never meet againIn this lifetime So let me say before we partSo much of meIs made of what I learned from youYou’ll be with meLike a handprint on my heart And now whatever way our stories endI know you have re-written mineBy being my friend… Like a ship blown from its mooringBy a wind off the seaLike a seed dropped by a skybirdIn a distant wood Who can say if I’ve been changed …Read more

Simply Beadiful A Blog Swap…

400x300 bracelet

As you know I have been hustling hard to get my No Excuses Encouragement Esty shop up and running…and I have a surprise of a new logo and graphics to unveil here in the next week… I got to swap goods with Paula at Simply Beadiful… I sent her some of my cards and she sent me some of her beautiful jewelry…and today we are sharing posts…so go check her’s out here (there might be a 20% off code for my shop there)…   The necklace is beautiful and could be used both as a necklace and a bracelet if you wrap it a few times around your wrist…the colors are beautiful… Beside the beautiful color (it is like my favorite) one of the best things about this bracelet is that it is plastic…I have skin that turns green when I wear rings or bracelets…and with plastic I don’t have to fret that taking it off in the middle of the day will leave me with a green ring… I don’t wear earrings so I gifted them to my co-workers to enjoy and stupidly forgot to take pictures before I did, so I will get one up soon…they were very excited …Read more

Guest Host: Starve the Doubts…


Welcome to any new friends who may be visiting via Jared Easley’s Starve the Doubts podcast. Where I had the privlidge of co-hosting for the interview with my good friend Ronei Harden… What binds Ronei together is something that threatens to tear families apart physically emotionally and financially… she is an inspiration… funny… insightful… wicked smart…and has a heart the size of Texas in a petite Polynesian body…her laughter is infectious…and I am so glad to call her friend… Make sure and check out her amazing writing here…her site is up and running but being redesigned, there are great things in store… The goal here at Careless in the Care of God is to give you permission to discover freedom…to discover freedom from; lies, depression, anxiety, shame, and anything that is holding you back from being the person that God created you to be quirks and all… I am a cancer survivor, I have overcome debilitating anxiety and depression, and I have chosen to use my past as a stepping stone instead of a stone that weighs me down…Freedom you see is a choice…a choice that has to be made every day…and here is where I provide resources, tell …Read more

Asked & Answered: Cognitive Distortions…


An answer to one of the questions asked on my previous post ASK APRIL…next week I will answer the other question asked in those comments… I have a few chicks in my circle of influence (in my small group or mums group) who really struggle with anxiety and worry. We’re doing a series by elevation church on internal voices etc but as a complete optimist sometimes we’re on such different pages that I am concerned I’m not meeting their needs or seeing where they come from. One lovely young mum in particular goes to worst case scenario with everything in her life. She had a headache and a mole on her head the other day and immediately jumped to brain cancer fear. Her kids are always at the doctor for any minor fever or hint of sickness. She is constantly stressed and making herself sick. I want to be a loving, encouraging leader and also point her in the right direction for getting help and healing. Any advice? It sounds like your friend has been practicing pessimism for a long time, and it maybe very difficult to help her change or ‘re-frame’ her thinking…Ultimately until she recognizes her need for …Read more