Detour: The Real Deal…


This week I am postponing writing about ‘boundaries’…I am struggling, and I think I would like to just be honest with you…this journey to freedom from anxiety and depression is one that is never over… Yesterday, in a Facebook group I am a part of we were challenged… “I believe in you.” We all like notes of encouragement – a few words from someone who believes in us can make our day when the journey gets tough. Today, be that someone – but this time, write a note of encouragement TO YOU.” This was surprisingly difficult to write…I just stared at the screen, and when I began to type it was slow, deliberate, and tears were involved… You guys, I felt like a fraud…trying so hard to work on my ‘dream’ to help others find freedom from anxiety while I am still dealing with it on a regular basis seems really disingenuous and the last thing I want to do is pretend like once you have learned some coping skills, and decided if you could benefit from medication it is all rainbows and unicorns, because it isn’t…and this week I am going to speak more to that… Here is the letter I …Read more