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Guest Post By: Chris Holmes

matthew chris holmes

I try to see things the way God sees them. As a mere human, there’s very little chance in that. Since I’m created in His image, I like to think I share some of the same frustrations. I’m a father to three children. My daughter, twenty-one, is living with her fiancé. More than once, I’ve made mention my disapproval of their living arrangement. Never using a condemning tone, I’ve suggesting they make their relationship Biblically official if they are going to continue down this path together. I have the proverbial plank in my own eye. She is in college and he works for a government contractor making decent wages. I visit their home on occasion, noting the newest video game and the ever growing wine cork collection. Inevitably, every six to eight weeks, I’ll get a phone call or a text; one of the vehicles needs a repair, or there’s a needed trip to the doctor, or they’re short by a few hundred on the house payment. I silently sigh with minor frustration and transfer the money to cover the emergency into their account. I’ll never say no. As much as I love my children, it’s but a grain of …Read more

Guest Post by: Christiana Mayer

matthew Christiana Mayer

When I found out that April was doing a series on Matthew 6:26 and was looking for guest posters I figured that this was a good time as any to take my maiden voyage into the blog world. So here it goes: The first thing I did was to check my American Patriots Bible (NKJV) to see if there was any special note about the verse there wasn’t. What I found interesting is that the heading right before the series of verses says: Do not Worry. Seeing that made me look at the verse in a totally different way. It made me realize that our heavenly Father will take care of us if we let him. I am a walking example of that principle. August 2008 I had a ruptured aneurysm and so things happened that when added up all together meant that God was watching over me. For instance the surgeon who was one of the best in his field happened to be on call. So many other things happened along the way with my recovery that all add up to my premise that God was watching over me that night. From what I understand I should not …Read more

Guest Post by: Connie Kottmann

matthew Connie Kottmann

Today’s post is another illustration… this one has a completely different feeling than last week’s, but it is just as powerful… the scene is winter… and the provision of the Father is evident… this has me reflecting on the Winters of my life…and how God’s provision was always there…even if I wasn’t always good at seeing it… as I shared yesterday I am feeling like I am currently in a bit of a Winter season of my life, and I am having trouble seeing Him… but I hear Him… I feel Him… and I know that He will provide… because He promises to… and my God is nothing if not FAITHFUL… “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” You are valuable… you don’t have to do ANYTHING to be loved by God… you do not have to labor in order to be called His Child… and you do not have to store up good deeds to exchange for His good gifts… Rest in that truth this weekend… Soak it up… That could look like a …Read more

Guest Post By: Amy Vos McLeod

matthew Amy Vos McLeod

So excited to introduce you to Amy today…I asked her to do something Valentine’s related and I think this picture can speak to many…singles who need to trust HIM with their hearts…or anyone who has a burden they need to allow Him to take… I knew before I opened the picture it would speak to my heart…how could something names “Fly to Him Quickly” NOT give you goosebumps…ya’ll Amy is talented, vibrant, and currently illustrating a children’s book…she is going to live her DREAMS I just know it! The character depicted is named Blue Hart… Amy is a mama of two monkey’s by day and a children’s book illustrator by night. Living in Birmingham, AL She love everything geekery, but I wouldn’t call herself a nerd. That is a WHOLE different animal! You can find and follow Amy and her success at FoxMcLeodStudios and can reach out to her at   I just saw on her Facebook page that she is having an amazing deal where she will Custom-make cards, invitations and announcements! pdf/jpeg design $15. (printing extra)…so if you have an idea for a card, have a party coming up you need an invitation to and want to support a pretty amazing …Read more