Got Blood?

Right now I am in the Hospital getting a blood transfusion…I got here around 8 p.m. and will be here until around 1 a.m. The option to come in in the evening is much more appealing to me than getting up at 6 a.m…I am SO not a morning person!I went in today for my CT scan and got blood work done because I have an appointment with my oncologist tomorrow afternoon…When the CT scan was over and my blood work results in, it was quickly decided that I needed to get this transfusion…My red blood cell count is the lowest it has ever been…which makes A LOT of sense because the past week and a half has been one of around three times I’ve felt this EXHAUSTED…the nurses notices how easy it was to for me to get out of breath without walking very far…and tonight I had to be taken to the observation unit (where I get the blood) in a wheel chair because the walk from the car to the registration desk was TOO much…I sure hope this helps for longer than two weeks…I feel like the last transfusion, I did not get much time where I …Read more

I’m a Teenager

The way I see it having cancer is a lot like life; in that there are stages… First…I was a baby and was incapable of making choices…I was told to go into the hospital for a week and I went…where I was taken from place to place, woken up in the middle of the night for blood work and vitals…I knew nothing and trusted whatever I was told. Then I became a child…for the most part I was compliant…I did what was asked…showed up to all appointments, early…I for the most part waited patiently when the doctors were behind…I worked when I didn’t feel like it…and I was nice when someone had to stick me with a needle (I mean it isn’t the nurses fault I’m sick)… (can’t you just see the teenage attitude on my face?)Now I am a teenager…and I want to rebel…I know everything…I am at times indignant and angry…I can cry pretty easily…I do not want to go to my appointments…and woe to the one who asks me to wait longer than 15min after my appointment time…I need help with understanding my future and who I am…I’ve already been a teenager…I’m almost 30…I don’t need to go back…Exhaustion update: I …Read more

Random Thoughts…

I am SO tired this week…I wake up everyday, sore, feeling like I spent the day before helping someone move big furniture…doesn’t bode well for needing to mop the floors at work…I’m so lucky to have co-workers who are supportive…I’m getting a PET scan this morning…last week their machine was acting up and I would have to wait over two hours so I just rescheduled for this week…I get to go first thing after work which is good because they won’t have had a chance to get behind!I’m watching the last season of LOST on DVD and am feeling a little bit lost…I’m not sure they can really answer all the questions in the next 3 discs…I’ve enjoyed listening to Thy Word radio station and the messages from Focus on the Family and David Jeremiah…they may have AWFUL choices in Christian music, but the messages are challenging and REAL and I appreciate that…good to listen to on the way to and from work…Last night at work I was attacked by one of the clients…I don’t know what made him upset but I was scratched…and then almost pinched and bit twice (once his open mouth came very close to my face, …Read more

I Feel Like Doing a JIG…

I got a blood transfusion Saturday morning…I got off work at 7 a.m. went straight to the hospital for 7 hours and then came home for a while before going back to work…I didn’t get a lot of good sleep today but I only have tonight and tomorrow night before my week off so I know I can do it!Hopefully this transfusion will boost my energy and help me to get well…I’ve been dirt tired for two weeks and it has been wearing me down emotionally…Friday when I was getting blood work to find out if I needed a Procrit shot or a blood transfusion was my END…You can’t go to the hospital for ANYTHING without it takingHOURS…it can be so frustrating…and draining…WAITING…Finally after 2 hrs the nurses told me that the doctor wanted me to get a transfusion…I just started crying, because of my work schedule I felt paralyzed to make a choice as to WHEN to get the transfusion …I felt so overwhelmed…Luckily the nurses are wonderful and helped me choose today because I could sleep while getting it and if I waited to get the transfusion then I would just be delaying feeling better…It has been a …Read more