Wednesday and still no answers

Monday I called the doctors office and was asked to be patient. The doctor wanted some clarification from the pathologist who read my biopsies.Tuesday…nothing.Wednesday…so far (to be fair it is only 11 a.m.) nothing. The nurse who answered the phone on Monday said that the biopsy results confirmed that there is swelling…(you can see from looking at at me that my face is swollen) so the doctor wants a more specific explanation…I’m a bit frustrated, tired of waiting, and scared that when I do hear something it is going to be that they don’t know anything.I’m trying to be active in this week, to be present and not stuck in the house but I really don’t feel like going anywhere or doing anything.Monday, I slept from 10:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. then went back to bed at 4:00 a.m.Tuesday, was a good day. I got up around 9:30…cleaned up the house, took a walk with the dog to the post office, and did a lot of crafting.Wednesday, (today) I got up at 8:30 and have been doing things around the house trying to get up the mental energy to go to Jasper and pick up some things at Walgreens maybe …Read more

Friday’s Happenings…

Straight after work Friday I headed to the hospital, for my Chest X-Ray and CT Scan. The appointment went very quickly. In and out in an hour.Some interesting facts…Hospital gowns are NOT user friendly. We walked into the dressing room and the nurse handed me a gown. I looked at her and asked “This will fit me right?” and she said absolutely. So I took it went into the dressing room and found that it did not fit. Being me I just walked out (since I was alone) to the cabinet of gowns and picked a bigger size. I was a bit nervous that I would get in trouble.but…I had decided earlier that while I could not control this blasted achy mass on my neck, or that it was and is still sore to swallow, that I can not control what the tests results will say, or whether the treatment will be expensive…I could control this day was whether or not I was comfortable, and I was.They tape a TUM (the antacid) to the ‘mass’ they are scanning so that the radiologist can see exactly where to look.And, the stuff they inject through the IV for the CT Scan makes you …Read more

Waiting, in preparation to…wait

4:30 a.m., and I am watching the end of the first season of Ugly Betty Tonight my neck is crazy sore, I have a fever, some chest pain breathing (like after you have coughed a lot) and for the first time it is painful to swallow (it has been hard to swallow, but no pain until tonight). Maybe the second day after a biopsy is worse than the first? I tried taking some ibuprofen but the pills are too big…k done whining now…4:00 a.m. is whining hour didn’t you know? Set your alarm clocks for tomorrow morning 4:00 a.m. sharp! I’ll be up at work, feel free to call me and whine… 🙂 I am waiting for 7:00 a.m. so I can leave work and get to the hospital for the CT scan and chest X-Ray…my biggest concern right now is if they are going to make me wear a hospital gown because, in all seriousness, that is something that would make me not go thru with it. I told mom not to come but I am secretly (as secret as you can be on a blog) glad she is coming. A 28 year old still needs her mommy. If …Read more

Careless in the Care of God…

The past couple of months I have been tired, achy and have had tender swollen glands/masses on my neck. Before today I had been to the doctor twice both times got blood work and took antibiotics, to no avail…This morning found me in Dr. Moss’s office. He is an ear nose and throat doctor… After examining me which included like a five min neck massage (which is really sore now) he said that he needed to do some kind of scope. He took the ‘tools’ above and sprayed some numbing stuff in my nose, and then left the room for 45 minutes (It is a good thing that my phone has bookworm on it to pass the time.)The nurse came in right after he left the room and brought in the scope (pictured below). Seriously who wants to be ALONE in an exam room with this THING for 45 minutes! I had no idea that the route to my throat was through my nose…needless to say it was good times…but I survived because I’m awesome like that.After being ‘scoped’ Dr. Moss said that he would like to get a biopsy and a CT scan. I called mom to come to …Read more