Then & Now…

then and now

Five years ago, this week, I was diagnosed… After months of unexplained symptoms; extreme night sweats, weight loss of 30lbs, fevers every night, and enlarged lymph-nodes that did not respond to antibiotics… The thing that had caused so much fear, confusion, and pain had a name… Diffuse Large B Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma… Tuesday night this week, I sat with nine other woman and shared MY STORY at the woman’s support group in the Cancer Center where I received treatment… I got to share truth and hope and practical ways to acknowledge and handle stress…I am struck by how things have come full circle… About a month ago I felt like God gave me the word RESTORE…since then I have been thinking about all the ways that my life has been changed in the last years and how maybe it is time for a lot of things to be ‘restored’ in my life…spiritually, relational, and physically…I have a possible opportunity coming up that will change my whole world and I couldn’t be more excited…but even more than that, I have loved the closeness I have felt to God as I think on the word restore…and this is the verse that I am …Read more

Remission, Year One…

Friday November 4th was my one year remission birthday remember this? We celebrated low-key…I slept in…Mom made me a cake… it was chocolate cake with white icing…which took me back to Friday lunch in high school where the tray consistenced of Pizza, peaches, and chocolate cake with white icing…did anyone else have the same experience? I had a client session…We had dinner at Applebee’s…and a nice night relaxing at home…2015will be the year to have aPAR-TAY…Until then, I will give thanks for 1 year of beingCANCER FREELast year my thoughts on remission were less than comforting…I can’t say that I feel much differently today…every visit to the oncologist brings fear…the fear that my life can change without any notice…aside from the amazing undeserved grace and peace that God provides daily…the only thing that calms that fear is that I KNOW now I am strong enough to make it through…ever seen this quote? It is true… JoyAnne said…I celebrate my husband getting saved after many many years of prayer. Congrats April! heather said…Congratulations! I celebrate the beginnings of coming out of the cloud of moodiness & depression that has plagued me for the last year.Anonymous said…I celebrate making it through the hardest year of my academic career. Happy remission …Read more

Port Removal

I’ve been approved… to get my port removed…this will relieve me from having to go every 6 weeks to get it flushed and I won’t have to take Coumadin anymore so that cuts a medication…VERY EXCITING…the less cancer related things in my life the better…the other week I went in to get my port flushed…I found myself pretty emotional in the days before and after my appointment…having to go to the Cancer Center and sit in the chairs where I received chemo is just too much…I’d be happy to never go back…just writing about it sucks so I’m gonna stop… share said…((HUGS)) Callme anytime you need an ear! Glad you are able to get your port out!