Verbally Abusive Father; Doesn’t Define Me

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Last week I introduced The #discoverfreedomproject…in less than a week we have received over 30 submissions created a landing page and secured the domain Please check it out and let me know if you think that there is anything that needs to be added or changed to help everyone feel comfortable in participating… Tomorrow I will share my next photo in the project…I hope that you are ready to jump in… My father…I spoke of the damage he brought into my life…the harsh words, the unpredictable anger, the way that he made me scared and defined the way I saw the world… As a teenager I hated him…hated him for how he couldn’t keep a job…hated him for sitting around depressed all the time…hated him for smoking a carton of cigarettes a week…hated him for being addicted to prescription pain meds…hated his extreme addictive personality…really, I hated most things about him… It wasn’t until college that my heart began to soften and I started to have compassion toward, instead of heaping judgement on him. When I was ten I found a paper releasing my father from parole…I always knew that he had been in prison before I was born…What I didn’t …Read more

Bursting, My Heart is Bursting!

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YA’LL…my heart has been bursting ALL DAY! Can you believe in 24 hours we have had 12 submissions to the #discoverfreedomproject.. That is twice as many as I could have dreamed for last night… Today I want to address some things to maybe make things a little bit easier for you to participate… First, I am going to share easy ways to make a photo… Second, going to give you a way to participate anonymously if you want to participate but might not be comfortbale with your family or friends seeing it… Third, I am going to give you links to all of my social media stuff so you can easily both tag me and used the hashtag #discoverfreedomproject so that I can see all the bravery and beauty you are sharing… So, I heard a couple of questions about how to create the photos you might want to use…there are a few easy ways to make it work…what I love about the submissions today is that there are some that are really arty and others that are barebones… 1. if you have a smart phone there are free apps that you can use to easily add text to photos…a favorite …Read more

Doesn’t Define Me…

Introducing The #discoverfreedomproject Can I ask you to watch this six minute video of my brilliant friend Kinda? In her words it is a “pep talk meets spoken word” that will leave you empowered… Seriously, she is amazing! Yesterday was a cleansing of sorts…and I am ready to get back to the business of living together in freedom… You didn’t have to read carefully to notice that my father has a big role in my brokenness… Wanna know why? Cause he was broken…really, really, broken… Can I tell you something else? My father has a beautiful story of redemption…but that is a story for another day… I allowed my father’s brokenness to define me…for a long time I allowed his brokenness to define how I saw the world, to define how I related to others, and to define my worth… Today I want to introduce The #discoverfreedom Project The #discoverfreedomproject is an ongoing project that seeks to give others permission to discover freedom…if you have ever had a taste of freedom you know the feeling of wanting to share it with the world! For the first few weeks I will have a ‘topic of the week’ just to get us going…then it …Read more

I Don’t Fear Fear, do I?

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“Then one by one the slaves began to shout And the captives found their way out Mercy broke the chains and they cried out: “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!” Sitting on the fringes…observing…animated conversations going on everywhere… How I could call everyone a friend but feel so incapable of engaging? Blaming it on the previous three days (a frenzy of activities, events, hugs, and learning) is not an option…Using INTROvert as the excuse for withdrawing socially is as tired as I feel… It is easy to blame others…thinking…they let me withdraw, too easily they let me withdraw. Again the tape begins to play…always cued up plays so smoothly…has been heard so often it is easy to tune out before the heart registers it is playing…so easy, in fact, I have previously claimed victory over the insecurities that run sprints from heart to mind, heart to mind… This isn’t new. In fact, it has been my struggle for so long that it is a tired story…one I fear, if told again, will only be met with eye rolls, sighs, and impatience. But I don’t fear fear, do I? Whispering ‘No, I don’t fear fear…fear is darkness…fear leads to death…fear is bondage.’ “The …Read more