#10dayswithout…Day Four


Day Four Day four of my #10dayswithout Challenge to not wear a coat, wearing only flip-flops, wearing short-sleeves, and no heat in my car…I haven’t left the house today so, there isn’t anything to report on my experience…except that I think that I have some cold left in my fingers and toes from yesterday’s adventure driving a few morning hours in the care…I can’t imagine spending all day in it with protection… Today I am going to educate you and me about some of the challenges homeless experience in winter…I am citing these facts from an article here…and a study that was completed here… – Seven hundred people experiencing or at risk of homelessness are killed from hypothermia annually in the United States. Forty-four percent of the nation’s homeless are unsheltered. – People suffering from hypothermia often have impaired judgment and cannot perceive their own need for shelter or medical care. Between 1999 and 2002, hypothermia-related deaths, totaling 4,607 in number, occurred in all 50 states in the United States – Hypothermia does not occur only when the ambient temperature becomes very cold. Other aspects of the weather, such as wind and precipitation, lower the perceived temperature and cause the …Read more

#10dayswithout…Days Two and Three…


Days two and three of this experiment have been interesting…I’ve been disappointed at the lack of people asking me why I am not wearing a coat or shoes…and it has been cold! This morning I had an interview and after having driven an hour to the morning meeting without using the heat my hands and toes were really cold…When I shook hands with the person interviewing me she mentioned how cold they were and I smiled as I explained why…I think she was mildly impressed but I don’t know that they were inspired to action…what can I do to inspire you to action? What has been the most surprising to me has been how long the cold feeling lasts after you have been back in the heat…it is almost like a faint burning…tomorrow I hope to give you some concrete information on how the cold effects children, the elderly, and the homeless.. Today the audio version of the book is on sale at Christian Audio for 7.49 along with most of their other books…check it out! This would be a great Christmas Present for someone who has to travel a lot and likes to listen to audio books… Homework for today…go to …Read more

#10 Days Without…Day One


In response to a challenge by the author or the book 10 Days Without which is being released tomorrow… I will be going the next ten days without a coat gloves scarfs heat in my car and will only be wearing flip-flops and short sleeved shirts… I will post some facts about the cold and it’s effect on children the homeless and the elderly Please join me for this journey…and follow me here, and on twitter…I have printed 2×3 cards of this picture to hand out to people who ask me why I don’t have on a coat or are wearing flip-flops…wish me luck… Carelessly April

Guest Post by: David Lerner

matthew David Lerner

Questions and Statements Let me get this out there right off the bat: I don’t read the Bible nearly as much as the majority of Bible-believing Christians probably think I “should.” Is that a vast generalization? Am I putting words in the mouths of a whole lot of people that I don’t know? Yes. Absolutely. But I’ll stand firm on that statement anyway, because I don’t have an easy time reading the Bible. Sometimes, understanding the Bible is the most difficult thing in the world for me to do. Sometimes there’s a long wrestling match involved in making peace with what it says, so I don’t do it very often. You see, I “put my trust” in Jesus when I was a little boy with very childlike faith. It wasn’t until later that I experienced the trauma that we all of us experience in life, to one degree or another, when we learn what it means to have our trust betrayed by someone else. Learning what it actually means to believe that Jesus is trustworthy, and to then really trust in him, is something that I’ve spent the past few decades fighting to master. So when I do read the …Read more