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I Don’t Fear Fear, do I?

i don't fear fear do i 1

“Then one by one the slaves began to shout And the captives found their way out Mercy broke the chains and they cried out: “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!” Sitting on the fringes…observing…animated conversations going on everywhere… How I could call everyone a friend but feel so incapable of engaging? Blaming it on the previous three days (a frenzy of activities, events, hugs, and learning) is not an option…Using INTROvert as the excuse for withdrawing socially is as tired as I feel… It is easy to blame others…thinking…they let me withdraw, too easily they let me withdraw. Again the tape begins to play…always cued up plays so smoothly…has been heard so often it is easy to tune out before the heart registers it is playing…so easy, in fact, I have previously claimed victory over the insecurities that run sprints from heart to mind, heart to mind… This isn’t new. In fact, it has been my struggle for so long that it is a tired story…one I fear, if told again, will only be met with eye rolls, sighs, and impatience. But I don’t fear fear, do I? Whispering ‘No, I don’t fear fear…fear is darkness…fear leads to death…fear is bondage.’ “The …Read more